Why Read This?

Aside from the fact that you’re awesome, why should you read this blog?

If you’re interested in social media, if you’re a little bit of a geek for internet culture and if you appreciate a dash of satire and a tablespoon of screwball with your day, you might enjoy what I write.  If you want to get in touch with me, please do! I’d love to interact in the comments, and you can also find me throughout the socialverse… though I typically keep it all business-casual up in there.

Here are a few things about me that I’d be happy to talk about:

  • I’m a professional Social Media Specialist for an awesome Integrated Marketing Communications Agency, and I love to talk shop!
  • I ran a Shakespearean Theater Company for Five Years, so you Bardolotrists and Drama Lovers are more than welcome.
  • My honors project at UC Berkeley (Class of 2008) was to co-create and co-facilitate a class on Creating Sketch Comedy so hit me up, funny people!
  • I fear the raccoon because it possess thumbs and a great deal of evil.

I’m happy to talk about most things and I’ll give you my honest opinions.


2 thoughts on “Why Read This?

  1. Oh Babu!!
    What a sweet thing to do!
    I find that I’m rhyming so here’s a haiku:

    To be versatile
    Writing can unite chaos
    Or throw in zombies.

    Thanks, friend! 🙂

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